Autism/Developmental Disorder

Since the 2007 Kiara Moore, M.A. has worked in the field with people with physical, mental, intellectual and developmental disorders as well as with people with Autism. Working as an intern, Assistant Residential Manager, Residential Manager and then Case Manager over the years, Kiara Moore, M.A. has learned how to help those withs Developmental Delays progress towards a better quality of life. Now working as a Mental Health Therapist, Kiara Moore, M.A. is offering consultation and therapeutic services to families and parents of those with children who have Autism or other intellectual/developmental disorders.

I offer home-related services including family and sibling needs. The process may involve

-an initial consultation
-working with parents to develop a behavioral plan or other intervention
-demonstrating the intervention, and coaching family members as they practice
-fine-tuning the intervention according to initial responses
planning for generalization
-indivual and family therapy

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