Grief Recovery

Grief and Loss
Have you ever experienced a time of grief and/or loss in your life and it just seemed as if no one understood? Well, they don’t! Although most people experience grief or loss in their life time; every experience is unique and cannot be compared. While devastated by the death, divorce or loss of any kind, no one knows how you feel or what you experience. Others may have similar feelings; however, each relationship and grieving process is unique. There are several reasons why people are not or cannot be supportive in your time of grief:
1. They don’t know what to do
2. They are afraid of your feelings
3. They try to change the subject
4. They intellectualize
5. They don’t hear you
6. They don’t want to talk about death
7. They want you to keep the faith

If you are looking for a place where you can process your grief without any of these unsupportive perspectives towards grief, please RSVP for an upcoming group session/series here